The family is on the road again..


The lifestyle of a traveling band is not without its frustrating moments of dire straits. Just when they’re happily on their way to the first show of the season, the Tuatha Dea van breaks down in the middle of the interstate. The very first shows were scheduled to be held in Virginia, and bang! The bottom fell out, literally! Their transmission is gone. Many miles of pulling heavy loads of equipment and drums has finally taken it’s toll.

overcomeTuatha Dea has quite a few shows already booked, and we’re not even going to think about cancelling. (I am still imagining my younger sisters on the side of the highway holding out their thumbs in corsets and hat feathers… oh my.) They made it to their first performance & were then on their way to the next destination. But as of this moment, the van is still sitting in a repair shop in Virginia, waiting to get worked on.



donations for Tuatha Dea

This blog has been started as a place for donations and will run for a couple of weeks, with updates & stories as they come in. Even a buck or two helps! (I’m donating my commute10644203_350551428443004_7522046872350624928_o coffee money.) We want to thank everyone who has been so generously donating already. This means the world to all of us; mothers and big sisters too! There’s nothing more discouraging than playing shows just to turn around and spend it all on a broken down van to travel to more shows. It’s like buskin’ on the run while your children are at home eating Chef Boyardee.

All donations go directly to Tuatha Dea, as this is not an official funding page, and nothing is taken out for using this site. This is one of my own personal free blog pages. The PayPal account the money is sent to belongs to my mother, Sheila MacGregor.



donations for Tuatha Dea


In the meantime, be entertained by video of our lovely Tesea getting ready for the show in the parking lot of a repair shop. Ha!

And proof they made it to the show in VA!!

And of course, Rebecca & Tesea having a much needed drink at the end of the night:

Again, thank you all for your help in this clusterf@#! (It says fart.. really) of tour beginnings for the season.. we look forward to bringingĀ  all of you some good times this year!




donations for Tuatha Dea



7 thoughts on “The family is on the road again..

  1. Couple things: Are you sure Alex B didn’t hoodoo your transmission in The Long Black Curl? *grin* Also, have you considered using Patreon as an ongoing fundraising/marketing tool ala Amanda Palmer? This broke a** witch has carved Tuatha Dea in a green candle and set it alight for y’all.


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